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Instagram is a community of 300 million users who share 60 million photos and videos every day. Mathematics were approached by Instagram’s parent company, Facebook to produce an iPad application in lead-up to the Brit Awards, co-branded by Facebook, Instagram and Audi.

The project

Produced on an incredibly tight timeframe (three weeks from idea to delivery), the Instabooth app allowed celebrities to take “selfies” en route to the Brit Awards using iPads installed in Audi’s A8 and Q7 range of cars.


As drivers arrived to pick up celebrities the app bursted into life, allowing users to snap pictures using a fun, engaging interface then review them before choosing images to be uploaded to the cloud for moderation and posting across Instagram accounts.

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Our approach

A tight deadline meant good planning was key, working from sketches to wireframes, then running design and development hand-in-hand, working closely with the Facebook team to ensure all objectives were met not just quickly, but precisely.


Celebrities using the app had time pressures, too, so it was imperative that users felt compelled to use the app, quickly understood exactly how the it worked and felt safe using it, so the app was designed with a straightforward, intuitive user journey in mind and a cool, engaging look to draw users in.


Thorough user testing ensured the app worked flawlessly – a stable, fast running application with features like image queuing when 3G coverage was low and delivery to multiple users for moderation and processing.

The result


The result was a hugely successful project for Instagram. Celebrities including Rizzle Kicks, Fearne Cotton, Sam Smith, Jo Whiley and Luke Evans took pictures from their cars which were uploaded to the cloud, moderated, processed and posted to Instagram as the event unfolded, reaching an audience of millions and gaining worldwide press coverage.

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