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In a world now ruled by dance music there isn’t a better known brand than Mixmag. Not only the biggest selling dance music magazine in the world, Mixmag is the undisputed voice of electronic music online, with a website that reaches over 5 million dance fans every week - the go-to place for dance music news, features, audio and video.

The project

We’ve been working with Mixmag since 2013, when we were brought in to help stabilise their existing site, which was beginning to suffer from a number of legacy issues. Bursts of traffic would bring the site down and users arriving from social networks would often find themselves at a dead end. A buggy, dated CMS also made expansion slow and costly, at a time when plenty could be done to make the most of a hugely respected brand.


As audiences grew globally and their behaviour changed it felt time to look at a new mobile-first digital strategy that would help the company grow and expand into further territories, with a set of new country-specify sites and an approach that worked hard to help Mixmag continue to connect with a discerning young audience.

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Our approach

After stabilising the existing build we spent time with the team looking at how a new site could help them with their goals as a company and looking closely at how their audience was using digital. Our findings led us to creating a beautiful, hugely adaptable site that could be duplicated inexpensively across territories using a system that allowed us to push updates and upgrades across the whole network seamlessly.


As mobile use had been growing quickly and the majority of users were arriving directly to articles we worked to a mobile-first approach that treated each article as a homepage, carefully positioning relevant stories around content and directing users straight into further articles using infinite-scroll technology.


Since then we’ve been working closely with the team, moving ad trafficking in-house, building further digital products, advising on strategy and helping increase growth across territories.


The result

Relaunch has seen a huge jump in unique users, with page impressions tripling year-on-year and bounce rate dropping to an all-time low. We’ve helped Mixmag launch across Brazil, Germany, France, Korea and Croatia, with further international launches planned throughout 2017.


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