Apple have revealed that they’re rolling out some key updates to their News Publisher tool. Digital publishers, take note. Two of the most important features Apple’s team wished to highlight fall under analytics:

Updates to Analytics

In December 2019, Apple News expanded its mail notifications with a new ‘Good Morning’ daily newsletter, in which it delivers news, analysis and features to users’ inboxes every morning, collating “the best stories from the most trusted sources”. Now, News Publisher’s ‘Discovery Source’ has been updated to include this email newsletter, where applicable. Editorial Events have also been updated to include it, as have Top Stories Notifications, where applicable.

Apple also unveiled a number of updates to various areas of the Apple News back-end. Below, you’ll find those which are the most prescient for digital publishers:

Search Articles by Canonical URL

Apple have made improvements to News’ search functionality by allowing users to search for articles by canonical URL; that is, the article’s URL as it appears on the publisher’s site.

Assign Roles to New Channel Members

Those with the Admin role can now assign a role to a new channel member when the invitation is first sent out. The new user accepts the invitation, and their role is assigned. This should significantly reduce the back and forth between Admins and new channel members, streamlining the process for publishers. 

Manage Users Across Channels

Those with the Admin role can now manage users across all channels through ‘All Channels’ in the navigation bar.