Pre-installed on some 1.4 billion Apple devices internationally, Apple News opens up a huge and potentially lucrative audience to media businesses. At FlatPlan, we help publishers drive growth across Apple News and as such we have created the Apple News Knowledge Base. It introduces Apple News to those yet to integrate with the platform, but more importantly it’s designed to support publishers to increase audience growth and maximise the potential of Apple News. Within, we take a look at everything from how Apple News’ editors work in tandem with the platform’s algorithms, to how analytics work to guides on running ads within the platform.

Apple News Top Stories, July 22

Here’s what the Apple News Knowledge Base covers:

Getting Started with Apple News

Getting Started with FlatPlan



If you’re still not 100%, why not discover five reasons to get your publication on Apple News? If you’d like to integrate your publication with Apple News with the help of FlatPlan, click here to access the Apple News Knowledge Base and begin your Apple News integration.