Apple has just announced the release of an enhanced version of News Publisher, Apple News Format, and the Apple News API. Here are the updates most relevant to publishers. 

Dashboard Analytics: All Channels Dashboard

Users with multiple channels can now view all their analytics in one place in the All Channels analytics dashboard. A user can aggregate data from the past 31 days for between one and ten channels. Users are able to see their Unique Viewers, Total Views, Reach, Video, Discovery Source, and Issues, for News+ channels. Users can also filter by Territory (Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States), Content Type (Free, Subscription), and User Type (Non-subscriber, Subscriber). 

Our take

This will allow publishers to more easily aggregate metrics from up to ten channels a month at a time.

Apple News Publisher's All Channels analytics dashboard

Dashboard Analytics: All Channels Roll Up Report

Users with multiple channels can create a Channels “Roll Up” report to provide analytics across all their channels. It can report on a minimum of two channels to a maximum of 20 simultaneously. This report contains aggregated daily data for each of the selected channels. 

Our take

This new type of reporting provides a summary of Views, Viewers, Video and Reach for each of your selected channels, including a breakdown of these metrics by demographic and subscription status. It’s an effective, efficient way to track your progress. This is the first time that metrics for multiple channels have been made available in the same report, so is sure to be a convenient addition to publishers’ data repertoire.

Dashboard Analytics – Articles: Special Topics

On the front-end of Apple News, Special Topics present as a new editorial area curated by Apple News editors:

Apple News Special TopicsInclusion in these areas will be presented as an event on the x-axis of News Publisher users’ analytics graphs.

Our take

A new editorial area is always a welcome addition – with it comes another opportunity to be featured by Apple News editors and drive traffic. These sections appear in users’ Top Stories feeds, and when selected, present a list of News Editors’ Picks for each topic. Apple’s editors include detailed, high-quality news reportage from top-tier sources such as Sky News, BBC and The Independent, and tend to champion new, original angles on popular stories.

Discovery Source: Widgets

The Today View Discovery Source has been changed to Widgets to further differentiate it from the Today Feed. This Channel Summary report now shows Views, Widgets instead of the former Views, Today View: Top Stories; Views, Today View: Trending; Views, Today View: Videos; Views, Today View: Other.

Our take

Previously, the appearance of both Today View and Today Feed in analytics made for mixups when it came to reporting. Removing this confusion by changing Today View to Widgets is a welcome change to Apple News publishers everywhere.

Apple News Publisher's Discovery Source tabCanonical URL –  Override and Search

Users can now add or override canonical URLs directly in News Publisher under an article’s settings. Essentially, they can change what shows if an Apple News user tries to view their article on an incompatible device.

News Publisher users can now search through all published articles by URL rather than Apple News Title.

Our take

This search update will make moving around the dashboard much easier. Rather than open Apple News, locate the article in question either manually or through Apple News’ search, then paste its title into News Publisher’s search, users now have the option to paste the article’s live URL into News Publisher’s to locate it. This will save data analysts time. Also, if an article has a different headline on-site than on Apple News, it’s no longer difficult to locate it – find it in News Publisher using its URL.