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Once your channel is live you can start trafficking ads, either with Apple’s Workbench system, or with one of the most widely used advertising management systems, Google Ad Manager 360. Please note – Google Ad Manager Small Business is no longer supported by Apple News – to find out how to work around this please email us.

Here’s how to get setup on Google Ad Manager 360″

1. Sign in to Workbench (requires Administration access)

2. Navigate to your username and select Ad Settings

3. You should see a section marked 3rd Party Ad Server. Select Edit

4. Open Google Ad Manager

5. Select Inventory > Key-values and click on New Key to create Key Values for your ads

6. Copy the Targeting Key and Type from the Ad Settings page in Workbench, paste them into Google Ad Manager

7. Copy the details from Values in Workbench. Click Add Values in Google Ad Manager and paste into the box

8. Repeat for each of the rows in the table in Workbench. Note that AN_Article_ID is Freeform, allowing you to target specific articles

9. Download and unzip the Template Packet file from Workbench

10. In Google Ad Manager navigate to Delivery > Creatives and then click Creative Templates

11. Click New Creative Template, add a value like AppleNews to Name and paste the code from the AN Banner Image text file in the Template Packet

12. Repeat this step until all 9 creative templates are added to the system

13. In Ad Manager head to Inventory > Ad Units and create a new ad unit named Apple News, or Apple News <brandname>

14. Enter the following ad unit sizes – 375×50, 375×554, 768×66, 768×960, 111×111, 1080×1920, 1920×1080, 1080×1080

15. If you use Google Ad Manager 360, configure your Ad Unit to be a “Special Ad Unit”

Should you have ads to traffic into Apple News at this stage, create these in Google Ad Manager, targeted to your new ad units.

16. Link Workbench to Google Ad Manager by adding your Google Ad Manager Network ID and Ad Unit Code. To find these, navigate to Google Ad Manager. Your Network ID is found at the top left of your screen, under your network name…


…and your Ad Unit Code is the name of the ad you created in Step 13 (eg. Apple News)

We recommend running a House campaign to test delivery if you don’t have a direct advertising campaign to run when you setup.

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