FlatPlan helps media businesses get onto Apple News quickly, easily and at the highest quality. We deliver millions of page impressions to Apple News every month, working with every single CMS, from Wordpress to Django to fully bespoke.

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FlatPlan will make life easier.

Getting onto Apple News can require building a bespoke system for collection of content, delivery and presentation into Apple News Format. FlatPlan handles all of this, requiring nothing more than an RSS feed. We handle everything from the design of article pages to conversion of content to categorisation of stories, removing weeks of work. Here’s how we help every member of your team.

We make developers happy.

Apple News integration can take time. Bespoke integration requires your team to build a system to deliver content to Apple News: handling conversion, templating, delivery and error reporting. FlatPlan is as easy as it gets - we can get you live in Apple News Format using nothing more than an RSS feed. FlatPlan updates as and when Apple News updates, minimising development requirements and avoiding the need to keep teams trained and up to date on all aspects of the platform.

We make editorial teams happy.

FlatPlan seamlessly delivers content to Apple News without adding to your editorial workflow. Our system ties into your CMS, publishing all or some of your stories, automatically categorising and delivering them in beautiful branded Apple News Format designs. Editorial teams that use FlatPlan gain exclusive access to Inside Apple News; our insider's guide to maximising potential on the platform.

We make ad-ops happy.

FlatPlan delivers content into beautifully designed Apple News Format pages, which allow each article to hold advertising units. Ads can be trafficked using Apple’s Workbench system or through your existing Google Ad Manager account, upping your inventory. FlatPlan allows publishers to run native campaigns, too, automatically tagging stories as Sponsored, in the format Apple News requires.

We make audience development happy.

We traffic millions of pageviews every month, so we understand how to help you drive growth across Apple News+. FlatPlan includes tools to increase audience loyalty and drive brand recognition on the platform - our system allows you to drive traffic to newsletters, membership systems, apps, products or other offerings, helping you to grow inside and outside of Apple News. FlatPlan teams gain access to Inside Apple News - our guide to building growth. You get access to analytics, too, empowering your team to make the most of this new traffic stream.

We make the whole business happy.

Product Managers love FlatPlan as we allow teams to move forward quickly and precisely, working to publisher goals. Design teams love FlatPlan as we give complete control over look and feel. DevOps love FlatPlan because we don’t add any strain to infrastructure. The whole business will love FlatPlan - we’ll help you quickly and easily operate to the highest quality on Apple News.

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