To put it bluntly, digital publishing is undergoing some pretty seismic upheavals during the COVID-19 crisis. Thankfully, many platforms are doing everything in their power to assist digital publishers through this difficult time. Recently, Digiday launched its ‘Publisher Partner Coalition’, described as “a group of solutions providers offering great terms, no-fee access to products and services and more to publishers in need.”

Digiday’s full resource is extremely comprehensive and valuable, but here’s a shortlist of some of our favourite offers: 

Our favourite product offers for digital publishers in this time of crisis


For two months, Browsi is offering its services for free to new publishers. Its AI leverages over 100 data points to automatically improve ad inventory, optimise viewability and more great tools to help publishers increase inventory and raise revenues.


AAX helps publishers unlock a new revenue stream in their ad-blocked traffic. The platform will waive its share of the revenue for the first three months for all publishers signed up before May 31. There are no other fees. 

Video Intelligence

Video Intelligence is offering all publishers of its stories an ad-free feed of content from its broadcast partners, allowing publishers to present their readers with reliable, unbiased information.


Confiant is offering an extension on its free trial (now 90 days) to help as many new publishers as possible ensure their ad inventory is protected.

Up until May 31, is offering its Content Conversions premium feature for free, allowing any publishers to receive detailed insights into how their content is helping them achieve their goals as a publisher, at no cost.


GumGum will offer a free Verity analysis to publishers to allow them to gauge the brand safety of their coronavirus-related content. The analysis scours any submitted page and returns insights including IAB categories, prominent keywords, brand safety threats, page sentiment, and major events. GumGum will also provide a summary which reveals publishers’ top ‘safe’ pages and IAB categories, designed to help them work around coronavirus-focused advertiser blocklists.


System1 provides search solutions to some of the largest publishers in the world. Partnered with Google, Bing and Yahoo, they consistently generate meaningful revenue for publishers. They also focus on audience growth, helping publishers profitably grow new audiences through paid marketing, and they partner with leading companies to provide lead generation and incremental commerce opportunities. Responding to the COVID-19 crisis, System1 is offering 100% revenue share for the first three months to new publishers that meet their organic traffic requirements.


Reelgood have made their Publishers’ Widget tool freely available, which allows users to watch content on any streaming service with one click. Beneficial for UX, the widget also lets publishers earn additional revenue via affiliate codes when a user subscribes, rents or buys, and lets publishers start ranking for ‘where to watch’ search queries.


Sovrn will offer the first 30 days of usage free to new publishers who sign up for its //Signal or //Commerce product lines. Both are effective, hands-off ways to generate supplementary revenue via automatically monetised links and automatic reloading of valuable ad units for brand new ad inventory, high viewability scores, and high CPMs.


Remixd allows publishers to create audio articles instantly and effortlessly, making content more accessible and opening digital and on-demand audio revenue that was previously inaccessible. Remixd offers audio article and playlist pages, push notifications and newsletter support at no out-of-pocket cost to the publisher. They’re currently waiving their setup fee.

Action Button

Action Button gives publishers the power to present users with elegant, bold action cards, from which users can choose to donate, volunteer, send emails or tweets to policymakers, register to vote, sign petitions and much more. Action Button is offering new publishers button campaigns for their sites with revenue share waived in their favour for the first three months.

As tough as COVID-19 will be on publishing, we hope this will prove to be no more than a bump in the road. The above platforms are all offering publishers solutions to some of the most pertinent crises they can face during the crisis. We hope this shortlist is useful.