At Mathematics, our mission is to ensure the growth of digital publishers, the expansion of their audiences and the multiplication of their revenues. We also strive to guarantee that our clients stay ahead of the curve when it comes to developments in our industry. As such, we’re experts on the myriad distribution platforms digital publishers can use to source valuable and sizeable new audiences.

When the coronavirus crisis became so serious that not a publisher on Earth didn’t see their business models undergo a seismic rotation, we felt compelled to help our industry however we could. First, we produced an article series on the smart ways publishers can monetise now that their standard methods of coverage are unattainable. Now, we’ve produced a free ebook, that packs everything publishers need to know about Flipboard into a one-stop resource. 

Flipboard user on an iPhone

Flipboard has been independently verified as the fourth highest traffic driver for publishers on mobile and tablets, and with the right guidance, it can be a referral machine that bolsters revenues significantly. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to download Mathematics’ free ebook, become a Flipboard expert, and begin driving a wealth of untapped traffic to your site.