Increase your Inbound Traffic with a Publisher Gap Analysis

Our gap analysis service helps media companies maximise inbound traffic from news aggregators and content platforms

Build a sustainable content platform strategy with our gap analysis service

If you’re determined to grow your publication’s readership but don’t know where to turn, Mathematics can reveal the gaps in your distributed publishing strategy.

Mathematics can conduct a thorough investigation into distribution platforms, personalised to your publication’s unique goals and needs. From heavyweights such as Flipboard to upstarts like Kinzen and Curio, there are valuable readers everywhere if you know how best to reach them.

Your gap analysis includes:

  • An audit of your inbound traffic from platforms
  • A listing of all platforms:
    • Syndicating your content correctly
    • Syndicating your content but requiring improvement
    • Not yet delivering traffic to your publication
  • Guidance on how to remove the gaps in your distribution
  • Guidance on how to fix problems with badly performing platforms
  • Links and technical guidance, if required

If you want to increase readers and revenue from news aggregators and platforms but don’t know where to start, the Mathematics gap analysis is for you.

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